POLY-GLASS Quick Disconnect ®


  • A real time and labour saver.
  • Effective maintnanace program with Uni-Spray’s Cam operating couplings provide easy access to cleaning  and installation of risers.
  • POLY-GLASS Cam operating couplings operates at temperature range 10°F (-12°C) to 180°F (82°C) with working pressure 100 PSI.
  • Resistant to strong alkaline, phosphate cleaners with sandard EPDM gasket (Viton available)
  • Available in size : 1" (25 mm) thru 4" (100 mm)


  • Cam-Operated Couplings provide easy access for the cleaning and installation of spray risers.
  • They adapt to standard steel or non-corrosive risers and headers in sizes from 1" (25 mm) to  4" (100 mm) and are available in Ny-Glass, Poly-Glass or PVDF. 

To make up a Quick-Disconnect junction 

  • You must have one female connector assembly (Part B, C, or D) which incorporates  the cam-lock arms, and one male connector (Part A, E, or F) which is shaped to precisely fit into the socket on the mating part and be held securely against the sealing gasket by the unique cam-lock mechanism.
  • The female connectors connect to your pipe system by an external NPT thread (Part B),  an internal NPT thread (Part D) or a hose barb (Part C). The male connectors  likewise connect to your pipes by an internal NPT thread (Part A), an external thread  (Part F), or a hose barb (Part E). And, to cap off any section which terminates with  a female connector, use the available plug (Part DP). The Quick-Disconnects can be  combined with our Clamp-On Nozzles and Nozzle Adapters, Quick-Lock Formed Risers  and Headers, Quick-Release Riser Supports, and Ball Valves to make up complete spray  header systems that provide unparalleled ease of installation and use.
  • To increase the value of your investment in Uni-Spray Quick-Disconnect couplings, we  provide a complete line of replacement parts for the assemblies. It is no longer necessary  to discard an entire assembly just because one part is broken. Refer to the following  pages for complete information and specifications for the full Quick-Disconnect line. 







Available Sizes

  • UNI125A PG.jpg
  • UNI125D PG.jpg
  • UNI125F PG.jpg
  • UNI150A PG.jpg
  • UNI150D PG.jpg
  • UNI150DP PG.jpg
  • UNI150F PG.jpg



Note: 1 1/4" through 1 1/2" Parts B, C, D and DC assemblies will be shipped with Ny-Glass Arms unless Stainless Steel Arms are requested. Assemblies are supplied complete with retaining clips.


How To Order A Quick-Disconnect Coupler or Adapter: The complete Part Number tells us exactly what assembly you want. For example, let's say that you want to order a cam-operated Part D: Coupler  x FT (Female Thread) molded in Poly-Glass, to fit on a 3" pipe: 

    STEP 1

 The Part Number begins with UNI, followed by the pipe size:  

           UNI 100 = 1" pipe  
           UNI 125 = 1 1/4" pipe  
           UNI 150 = 1 1/2 " pipe  
           UNI 200 = 2" pipe  
           UNI 300 = 3" pipe  
           UNI 400 = 4" pipe

So in our example, we would have so far  
           UNI 300

    STEP 2

Identify the Style of component as shown on page 20, using our Part Code, which in this example is Part D, and we have

            UNI 300 D

    STEP 3

Finish the Part Number with the Material Code, as follows:

           NG = Ny-Glass
           PG = Poly-Glass
           K = PVDF

So in our example, we end up with

           UNI 300 DPG







  • Direct to you from Uni-Spray, made exactly to your specifications and ready to install.
  • We offer a full range of our own exclusive Quick-Disconnect components in a full range of sizes, including premium-quality PVC, CPVC, PolyPro, Kynar and stainless steel pipe.
  • To give you total design flexibility, we can custom bend the pipework, providing smooth flow without extra fittings, to precisely meet your design configuration.
  • To simplify your ordering process, we offer over 20 design configurations with separate worksheets for each. The worksheets allow you to enter all of the dimensions, design parameters, selection and positioning of components in a simple, fill-in-the-blank format.
  • If you don’t see exactly what you want, send us your own drawing for a quotation.
  • When we receive your completed worksheet or drawing, our engineers will review it for accuracy, and we will provide with a detailed quote.

Exclusive to Uni-Spray, our formed risers eliminate  the need for expensive glued couplers. In addition, smooth bends increase fluid flow and prevent  material buildup.