Products Overview


    PP Spray offers key solutions in spraying system and metal-finishing industry. Our goals continue to design and develop new and innovative products to meet all spray requirements in the harshest of environments including our highly successful line of snap-on and quick-change flat spray, full cone spray, hollow cone spray nozzle, tank mixing eductor, quick disconnect, pipe saddle and riser support.

Polypropylene Spray Nozzle

Polypropylene Spray Nozzle

Cost-effective custom-blended polypropylene, corrosion and heat-resistant up to 83°C.

Kynar PVDF Spray Nozzle

Kynar ® PVDF Spray Nozzle

Aggressive chemical, harsh environment and high temperature up to 123°C.

Stainles Steel Spray Nozzle

Stainless Steel Spray Nozzle

Food grade material comes with various and unique pattern such as spiral spray and air-atomizing.

Tank Mixing Eductors

Tank Mixing Eductor

Venturi action of TME's enable small pumps to circulate large tanks for better mixing ability.



Cam operated couplings provide easy access for cleaning and installation of pipe risers. Available in NY-GLASS, PVDF and POLY-GLASS.

Pipe Saddle

Pipe Saddle

Adaptable pipe saddle can be used to create female outlets on pipe. Made of highly resistant to a wide range of caustic and acid-based chemicals.

Spray Humidfier System

Spray Humidfier System

Fine spray droplet, fog and mist can be produced by various method such as high pressure misting unit, air atomizing or dry fog humidifier.

Compressed Air Nozzles

Compressed Air Nozzle

Air stream is discharged through precision orifices that ensure uniform distribution and less energy. Available in durable ABS plastic, aluminium alloy and stainless steel.

Riser Support

Riser Support

Simple to install, stainless steel support spring allows for easy access to position and remove individual risers in a matter of seconds.


 Air Atomizing Nozzle

The pneumatic spray nozzle utilizes a high-velocity flow of compressedair and has the following features as compared with hydraulic spray nozzles.