FW8 Motive Flow Flat Fan Compressed Air Nozzles



Design Features

       FW8 Series Compressed Air Nozzle features a high flow rate & high impact, flat fan distribution of compressed air. It produces a quiet, efficient, controlled flat fan distribution of compressed air, low energy consumption than another compressed air nozzle.

       The air stream is discharged through special design two line orifice, total 16 precision holes along 420mm width which helps to generate venturi movement as a result of secondary airflow and uniform distribution. It fits through 1/4 inch inlet connection with BSPT male screw thread. Two convenient mounting holes on the ABS model ensure correct positioning on the header or manifold or fixed applications, offering uniform distribution of air curtain.  It is available in ABS plastic withstands temperatures up to 77°C at 7 bar and stainless steel withstands temperatures up to 300°C at 15 bar.

Dimensions & Performance Data





  • Parts cooling
  • Parts drying
  • Parts washing
  • Material moving
  • Threading




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